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Periodontal Disease

About Periodontal Disease

Periodontal (gum) disease affects four out of five adults. Without proper treatment, half of these individuals will lose teeth to the disease.  Periodontal disease is an infection caused by a colorless plaque, or film of bacteria that forms on the tooth and root surfaces. When this bacterial film hardens to form calculus (tartar), the rough surface continues to accumulate even more harmful bacteria. The build-up of this bacterial plaque damages a normal protective seal between the gum tissue and the root surfaces. With the loss of this protective seal, the bacteria can burrow deeper under the gum tissue and the resulting infection slowly destroys the bone supporting your teeth. Eventually so much bone loss is caused by the infection that the teeth loosen or abscess and must be extracted.

Periodontal disease normally progresses in a slow and silent manner like most chronic diseases, but some forms can be rapidly destructive and quite painful.  In most instances of periodontal infection one or more of the following symptoms appear, but they often disappear, even as the disease continues to worsen.


The good news is that most forms of periodontal disease are preventable and treatable. Your dentist, dental hygienist, and periodontist are all committed to helping you gain control over your periodontal infection so you do not suffer more severe consequences of the disease. Dr. Gordon is happy to assist you maintaining optimal oral health for a lifetime.