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Dental Implants

Ridge Preservation

Following the loss or extraction of a tooth, the now unsupported tooth socket undergoes significant collapse.  This loss of bone in the jaw can result in decreased support for adjacent teeth, esthetic compromise and minimal bone support for dental implants to replace the lost tooth. Careful management of the extraction site after tooth removal prevents unsightly bone loss and can provide a better cosmetic outcome for tooth replacement.

Ridge preservation is a technique used by Dr. Gordon to prevent this ridge collapse.  After careful extraction of the tooth, a safe and sterile bone graft material is placed into the empty tooth socket to maintain the original dimensions of the jaw bone.  The bone graft is covered with a specialized membrane to contain the graft during the healing phase.  The area is allowed to heal for 3-4 months prior to dental implant placement to replace the tooth.

For areas where teeth were extracted without ridge preservation, depending on the amount of ridge collapse, Dr. Gordon may recommend bone grafting to augment the area in order to have enough support for a dental implant.


Before: Ridge collapse on a front tooth after tooth extracted without ridge preservation.

After: Ridge widened through use of bone grafting procedures prior to implant placement.